The concept for the automotive tech company Vroom’s new Detroit office: blend Motor City’s classic car culture with the glossy, high-tech Vroom brand. We designed an open workspace with dedicated conference rooms — or “bays” — behind red-framed, glass garage doors.

An inventive approach to shared-space design with industrial influences: corrugated metal reception desk commands the central core, while private phone rooms and quiet workspace niches are built into the interior architecture.

Painted corrugated metal walls elevate the humble industrial material to a show-stopping design element, while powder-coated tables and industry-influenced light fixtures pay homage to automotive design. Bright hand-painted signage informs both branding and wayfinding.


Detroit, MI




John D'Angelo

  • Interior Design
  • Furniture Specification
  • Brand + Identity Integration
Project Team
  • Molly Redigan
  • Mary Eskin
  • Patrick Thompson