No project is more effective at telling our story than our very own PTD office. Located on the 10th floor of Detroit’s Francis Palms Building (home of the famous Fillmore Theatre), the historic space, with its turn-of-the-century architectural details, reflects the design principles at the core of our business: modern, warm and comfortable, functional, timeless, playful and intensely personal.

Our spaces convey a sense of purpose, like the materials library, where we go every day to be inspired, collaborate, and build palettes. Simple, utilitarian shelving is open, putting the heart and soul of our process-driven work on display. The many playful details throughout the space, from our living-breathing inspiration board to a beloved mural by local artist Mike Han, speak to the creative, hands-on nature of our work, honoring who we are and how we manifest the role of design into daily practice.

Every single piece of furniture and art has been personally selected, collected, or received as a gift, ranging from vintage Hans Wegner Wishbone chairs and iconic webbed Risom lounge chairs to the marine grade douglas fir plywood furniture built by an uncle and a desk that was scored in a trade with a friend. The large open studio facilitates the collaborative spirit of our work, while smaller rooms provide ample privacy for individual focus/heads-down time.


Detroit, MI




John D'Angelo

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