Kresge Court -
Detroit Institute of Arts

Kresge Court is Midtown Detroit’s grandest living room. Located in the very center of the Detroit Institute of Arts, the lounge/living room/cafe is a destination, where museum guests can gather, visit, rest and relax.


Detroit, MI




John D'Angelo

The concept was to create one large space composed of individual seating areas that provide a variety of distinct experiences. Inspired by the idea to create an English garden inside the museum, the layout, material, and palette draw from an extensive supply of inspired visual reference points.


  • Interior Design
  • Furniture Specification
  • Construction Administration

Boxwood hedges, topiaries, and rows of walnut and emerald green furniture create rhythms reminiscent of a traditional sculpted garden; a large-scale trellis, playing off the museum’s iron detailing, anchors the room; double-height seating around the perimeter and playful wire garden table and chairs add to the feeling of stepping into an enchanted garden party.

Project Team

  • Joe Babula
  • Mary Eskin
  • Patrick Thompson