The owner mentioned the title “Friend and Associate,” seen in an Elvis Presley documentary, and from there, it influenced every aspect of the project. Spaces are designed around the ability to have the right amount of space for intimacy or a celebratory experience, whether you are dining with a friend or colleagues.

Classic furniture, statement lighting, and materials are comfortable, approachable and classic (not dissimilar to characteristics you want in a friend or associate). Leather banquettes, slim wood paneling, lined glass, fluted light fixtures and a wrap-around bar topped with thick, dark marble lend the expansive space a refined cohesiveness. A bright white exposed ceiling, glossy white tile and the space’s salvaged tile floor bring a clean lightness to the space and offset the heavier ebonized wood millwork.

Knockout design features include an oversize center table perfect for staging wine bottles and flowers and a grouping of oversized pendant fixtures over the bar. The Friend & Associate concept is reinforced through a curated art package, showcasing images of famous friends, actors, athletes and musicians, each piece telling a relatable story through identifiable icons.


Detroit, Michigan




John D’Angelo

  • Concept Development
  • Interior Design
  • Architectural Design
  • Furniture Specification
  • Furniture Procurement
  • Construction Administration
  • Art & Styling
Project Team
  • Mary Eskin
  • Molly Redigan
  • Marc Grassi
  • Ivory Alexander
  • Molly Kalep
  • Patrick Thompson