Patrick Thompson Design is a Detroit-based studio specializing in hospitality, commercial and retail spaces. We focus on creating highly customized interiors, and we work closely with designers, craftsmen and fabricators who value design and the process.

PTD brings a holistic approach to each project. Our firm provides architecture, interior design, graphic design, product design and brand management services. Since its inception in 2009, PTD has designed spaces for museums, hotels, restaurants, offices, retail establishments and residences for our clients. Our work ranges from creating custom furniture, lighting and branding, to large-scale hospitality projects.

Thompson brings over 10 years of experience and a team of designers, architects, craftspeople and fabricators that bring authenticity, creativity, collaboration, innovation to each project. Our spaces are unique to the client, meet their needs and reflect our love of design. We have won five Detroit Design awards and have been featured in Dwell magazine, Metropolis magazine and Hour Detroit.



Patrick was born with design in his DNA. His artist father and art historian mother shaped his appreciation for beauty at an early age with trips to Western Massachusetts where pastoral landscapes and colonial architecture created a sense of wonder that still resonates with him today. While working through college, doing intermittent carpentry work, Patrick found himself enrolled exclusively in design related electives. After graduating with a degree in historic preservation, he continued with carpentry and began working more closely with homeowners and architects. It was through this experience of collaborative design that Patrick decided to move to Chicago to return to school and pursue his true passion, receiving a fine arts degree in interior design from Harrington College of Design.

His approach to design is simple: beauty is a given, and what elevates a space from something that merely checks the boxes to something that has real resonance is deeply listening to the unique needs of each client. His favorite thing about PTD is the opportunity to serve people in finding joy, harmony, and functionality in their surroundings.

In his free time, Patrick enjoys spending time with his wife and their two children, coaching soccer and attending youth sporting events. He is an avid cyclist, lover of yard work, and a glutton for punishment when it comes to home renovation. He has seen Phish over 30 times and eagerly awaits adding to that number every summer. As a 90’s skate kid, Patrick never lost his obsession with West Coast skateboard culture and occasionally risks life and limb to get back on his board.

Director of Operations

Heather has always been a woman with a plan. She wanted to be an interior designer from a young age, and a high school drafting class sealed the deal. While studying interior design in college, she was tasked with developing 5 and 10-year goals. True to form she ticked off every one of her goals: she passed the NCIDQ on her first try, worked at a firm in downtown Detroit and climbed to the top of the industry ladder. She now has the satisfaction of looking out of PTD’s office window and seeing the many buildings she worked on and the impact her work has made on Detroit’s skyline. Fueled by the various sweets and snacks available in the office, Heather continues to give her all to her many roles at PTD.

Heather has a bachelor’s degree from Anderson University and is NCIDQ certified. When not in the office, Heather can be found riding her bike, hiking with her hound dog, or tearing through girly novels. She is a proud Corktown resident and avid volunteer, most recently making her annual appearance as Santa’s elf at Corktown-Aglow.

Studio Director

From a young age, Mary was analyzing the spaces and objects around her. Although she’s matured from “re-doing” her childhood bedroom to serving as Studio Director at PTD, her instinct to improve the built environment has been a constant. Mary begins each new design challenge with open eyes and open ears: the first step in her process is to listen carefully to the needs and wants of the client. As a designer, Mary is a problem solver and her objective is to offer intentional solutions that improve people’s aesthetic and functional experience of a space. Mary enjoys the various project types she works on and believes that PTD’s ability to craft creative solutions for any environment is what makes the firm unique.

Mary has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design from the College for Creative Studies. Mary loves her profession, but the best part of her life is who she gets to share it with: her husband and her dog. She also loves a good puzzle, rereading Harry Potter, and going out for ice cream.

Office Manager

Kristina has over ten years of Operations Management and planning experience. Her passion for design and the arts brought her to PTD where she can apply her skills in a creative environment. She grew up in Metro Detroit but spent fourteen years living in other states before returning to Michigan in 2015. Kristina is thrilled to be working in Detroit for a design studio that is actively involved in the revitalization of this great city.

Kristina received a B.A. in Media Arts from Michigan State University. She enjoys photography, video production, and interior design. For many years, Kristina spent much of her free time traveling. At this stage of life, a perfect day involves spending quality time with her loving husband and two young daughters in the backyard of their home. She is a huge animal lover and has been riding horses since age nine.


Ryan was an avid sketcher and Lego enthusiast from the start, but it was his grandpa’s gift of a book about skyscrapers that captured his imagination and set him on the path to becoming an architect. He studied architecture in college but once in the real world, Ryan discovered that school had only scratched the surface of the profession. Luckily, reality also reinforced that he had chosen the right career and challenge. Ryan’s design approach centers on listening and offering multiple solutions that the client may have never considered. His favorite aspect of PTD is that it’s the coolest office in Detroit with dogs, bicycles, and skateboards.

Ryan is a licensed Architect in the State of Michigan and graduated from LTU many moons ago. Speaking of moons, Ryan is a space nerd who loves astronomy, although he is unclear on the finer points of relativity and the movie Interstellar. Back on earth, Ryan enjoys bicycling, craft beer, acoustic music, and road trips.

Architectural Designer

Molly was drawn to design because of her love of writing and literature. Just as a good novel utilizes theme, character, and narrative structure, a good design uses materiality, details, and space to tell a complex story simply and beautifully.

Her approach to design is similar to her approach to writing: determine the message you want to convey and then imbue that message with meaning through thoughtful design that weaves together people, place, and program. Molly’s favorite aspect of working at PTD is that it gives her the opportunity to explore and work in existing spaces that are rich with history and potential.

Molly received a B.A. in English, M.Arch, and Master of Community Development from the University of Detroit Mercy. She enjoys reading, long walks and hanging out with her husband and pit bull, Olive.

Interior Designer

Ivory discovered her passion for design in high school while taking a design history course, but she was drawn to art and design long before this. As a young girl growing up on the east side of Detroit, Ivory spent countless weekends at the DIA soaking up the beauty around her. In addition to her career as a designer, Ivory is a people person and loves that her work marries these two facets of her personality. Planning the perfect space requires consideration of people, how they live, how they work, and how they function in their environment. Ivory’s work at PTD is interesting to her because of the variety of projects. No two days are ever the same.

Ivory received a B.S. in Sociology and a B.F.A. in Interior Design from Wayne State University. She spends her free time with family and friends, watching documentaries and listening to podcasts.

Interior Designer

While other kids were watching cartoons, Miranda would spend hours poring over design magazines and sketching out her dream home. Her parents realized her interest early on, but it wasn’t until she was a teenager that Miranda realized she could make a career out of her hobby. She approaches design pragmatically: there is no point in having a beautiful space unless it is also comfortable, practical, and functional. Miranda likes working on PTD’s small, supportive team and enjoys working in and around Detroit on a variety of exciting projects.

Miranda received a bachelor’s degree in interior design from Eastern Michigan University. In her free time, she is endlessly occupied with food; cooking it, growing it, preserving it, even foraging for it. She would much rather check out an ethnic grocery store or farmer’s market than shop for shoes. She also loves to travel, which incidentally, often includes checking out local food. Together with her husband, she happily spoils her dog; a pit bull named June.

Junior Designer

A visual learner with a sharp eye, Molly is passionate for all things aesthetic. Her mood boards and palettes are dynamic and inspired by sources ranging from graphics and packaging to fashion and beauty. What Molly loves about interior design is that it takes disparate references and incorporates them into timeless spaces that enrich people’s lives. Her talent for developing strong conceptual designs can help even the least visually oriented person understand the intended look and feel of a space. Molly loves the collaborative atmosphere at PTD and enjoys sharing in her coworkers’ unique outlooks and experiences.

Molly has an Associates in Business from Henry Ford College and a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design from Kendall College of Art and Design. Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with her large extended family, traveling, a good beer and shopping.

Design Intern

Hannah has wanted to “make things pretty” since she was young but didn’t fully realize her love for design until attending College for Creative Studies. Her favorite aspect of interior design is that it enables her to curate experiences by thoughtfully designing spaces. Living in Detroit has provided Hannah the opportunity to soak up the uniqueness of local artists and the energy of the evolving city, which in turn informs her design and creative energy. In her free time, she likes to take bike rides to Belle Isle and drink rosé.

Hannah attended Grand Valley State University and Oakland University before making the leap to explore her true passion for design at College for Creative Studies. She will graduate in 2021.

Door Greeter

Birdie is our beloved and mostly well-behaved office mascot. Recently, she has added counter surfing to her repertoire of already impressive talents. Birdie enjoys long walks on the beach and Seinfeld reruns.