We are a Detroit-based design studio with a diverse project range, including hospitality, commercial, retail and bespoke residential. We create special, all-encompassing, highly customized interiors, working closely with talented designers, architects, craftspeople, and fabricators who value quality, authenticity, and innovation as much as we do.

Our firm, which has won 21 Detroit Design awards over the last 11 years, offers a range of architecture and interior design; graphic, product and furniture design; and brand management services. We count museums, hotels, restaurants, offices, showrooms, retail and residential among our clients.

Regardless of the client or the size of the space, we bring a holistic, collaborative approach to every single project. The spaces we design are unique to each individual client, meeting their specific needs while reflecting a shared love of design. Our ethos is at the core of everything we do: We believe that good design has a direct and powerful impact on the mental health and physical well-being of those who inhabit it. In short, we believe that design matters.



Background: Bachelor’s Degree from Western Michigan University in Public History with an emphasis on Historic Preservation; Bachelor of Fine Arts from Harrington College of Design; NCIDQ-certified 

On Design: Good design doesn’t go out of style

Superpower: PTD’s quick-witted leader

Free Time: Watching and re-enacting the Rocky movies with his son, home improvement projects with his wife, talking sneaker culture and hip-hop with his daughter, and walking dogs

Design Director

Background: Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design from the College for Creative Studies; NCIDQ-certified

On Design: Start each new challenge with open eyes and ears; the first step is to listen carefully to the client

Superpower: Multi-tasking & positivity professional

Free Time: Loves a good puzzle, rereading Harry Potter, and going out for ice cream

Senior Project Manager

Background: Bachelor’s degree from Anderson University; NCIDQ-certified

On Design: Design is in the details

Superpower: Mentor with a heart of gold

Free Time: Hiking with her hound dog, camping, biking, and tearing through girly novels

Senior Project Manager, RA

Background: Licensed architect in the State of Michigan and graduate of LTU

Why PTD: PTD is the coolest office in Detroit, thanks to dogs, bicycles, and skateboards.

Superpower: Mr. Popularity

Free Time: Bicycling, craft beer, acoustic music, and road trips

Senior Designer

Background: Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design from the College for Creative Studies

On Design: No matter the space, don’t forget to have fun, it shows.

Superpower: Storytelling through color and blurring the lines between art & design

Free Time: Growing her own food/flowers, surfing the great lakes, and painting


Background: B.A. in English, M.Arch and Master of Community Development from the University of Detroit Mercy

On Design: Just as a good novel utilizes theme, character, and narrative structure, good design uses materiality, detail, and space to tell a complex story beautifully

Superpower: Wordsmith & literary genius

Free Time: Reading, long walks, and hanging out with her husband and pitbull, Olive


Background: Bachelor of Science in Interior Design from Eastern Michigan University, as well as time researching the technicality of lighting at the University of Colorado Boulder

On Design: Each new project is an opportunity to bring imagination to life and provide an original interior experience

Superpower: Finds beauty in everything

Free Time: Hiking, taking photographs of architecture, and practicing yoga


Background: Associates in Business from Henry Ford College and a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design from Kendall College of Art and Design

On Design: Mood boards and strong conceptual design helps even the least visually-oriented person understand the possibilities of a space

Superpower: Conceptual queen & trend setter

Free Time: Spending time with large extended family, traveling, a good beer, and shopping


Background: Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design from Wayne State University 

On Design: A successful interior starts with variety and balance

Superpower: Champion of creativity & craft cocktails

Free Time: Spending time at Belle Isle with her dogs and making cocktails for friends

Director of Barkitecture

Background: Birdie is our beloved and (mostly) well-behaved office mascot

Superpowers: Counter-surfing and napping

Free Time: Long walks on the beach and Seinfeld reruns


We believe the inspiration for our choices and the processes about the spaces we create for our clients and the communities they inhabit, have a direct and powerful impact on their mental and physical well-being.


Our vision is to go above and beyond in everything we do, to be one of the most respected design firms in the United States.


Our mission is to create thoughtful and beautiful spaces that synthesize the client’s aesthetic and sensory desires with functional and economic essentials. In this way, we will fundamentally honor and celebrate the buildings that contain these needs.


These six core values embody our culture’s spirit and dedication.

  1. Customer Commitment: We develop relationships that make positive differences in the hearts and souls of our client’s lives.
  2. Honesty: Abundance and prosperity are natural outcomes of truthful and rightful business practice.
  3. Integrity: We uphold the highest standards of authenticity and loyalty to our clients in all of our actions.
  4. Quality: We provide outstanding and excellent design that delivers premium service to our clients.
  5. Accountability: We are personally accountable for delivering on our promises.
  6. Make an Impact: Our Contribution to planet Earth. Our goal is to improve spaces and places that bring people joy.