For this residential project in Willy’s Overland Lofts, the owners wanted design guidance with purchasing, placement, layout, and styling to create a cohesive space for living, working, and entertaining. The large and open interior stood to benefit from design decisions that created diverse living spaces throughout.

We began by selecting and arranging new furniture and lighting to complement their existing collection of inherited pieces, creating three distinct spaces within the wide-open residence. For stronger live-work functionality, we added a built-in office for one of the owners, a documentary filmmaker, using factory glass windows, so he could enjoy privacy while still feeling part of the overall space.

To augment the character of the loft, we helped style and stage the space, as well as place artwork, including facilitating the striking black and white in-situ painting by Detroit street artist and sushi chef Mike Han, who paints directly on walls with very little creative direction.


Detroit, MI




John D'Angelo

  • Interior Design
  • Furniture Specification
Project Team
  • Mary Eskin
  • Ivory Alexander
  • Patrick Thompson