Midtown Interior

With sporadic pops of primary color, the showroom’s otherwise quiet, minimal interior allows the finishes on display to command the attention they deserve. Warming up the space, which had an existing concrete ceiling and floor, with natural hues of wood, the extensive millwork is entirely custom.


Detroit, MI




John D'Angelo

Unconventional, clever displays are meant to emulate tactile shopping experiences, clients actively flipping through samples as they might flip through records in a bin. These storage units are equally concise and methodical, allowing materials to be pulled out and handled, then seamlessly returned to their assigned home. Roller containers, holding giant carpet books, can be pulled out and rolled back in.


  • Interior Design
  • Furniture Specification
  • Construction Administration

We also curated the beautiful tile boards, which serve as both functional wall displays and artwork, elevating the materials in a way that reads like a gallery.

Project Team

  • Mandi Parker
  • Mary Eskin
  • Patrick Thompson