Grand Rapids Chair —
Showroom - 2015

Family-owned business, Grand Rapids Chair needed a design that tied their Michigan roots to their NeoCon display in Chicago. The resulting installation is an homage to the areas’ shared majestic Lake Michigan sunsets.


Merchandise Mart, Chicago, IL




Annika Drosos

A wall-wrapping photo of a stunning sunset set the color palette for the space. From the soft sandy-colored carpeting to the soft blues of the walls, the theme is subtly carried out throughout the space. The design distills the colors of the rainbow into tonal values that show up in monochrome exposed edge plywood boxes that showcase the company’s furniture.


  • Interior Design
  • Brand + Identity Integration
  • Furniture Specification
  • Construction Administration

The same pops of color are utilized in upholstery to breathtaking effect. In addition to introducing a number of new GRC products, the design pays homage to the things that unite us. In this case, the splendor of a sunset.

Project Team

  • Mandi Parker
  • Mary Eskin
  • Charlie Veneklase
  • Patrick Thompson